Allen Digital

Allen Digital

  • India’s Biggest and Most successful Test-Prep platform
  • 34 years of legacy
  • Presence across 40+ cities
  • 2.75 Lacs active students
  • INR 2500 Cr and INR 500 Cr in annual revenues and profits respectively
Bodhi Tree has Invested $600M in Allen Digital

About ALLEN Career Institute (ACI)

ALLEN started its journey in the organized coaching service sector with Allen Career Institutes 34 years ago in Kota, Rajasthan, earning the undisputed market leader position in preparation of JEE (Main+Advanced), JEE (Main), NEET-UG and Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation (Class VI to X,NTSE & Olympiads). It currently operates 41 Centers across 40 cities in India with more than 2,75,000 students enrolled across all centers in the current session. ACIs classroom students
bagged 34 out of top 100 ranks in the IIT JEE Advanced 2022 and 66 out of top 200 ranks in the NEET 2022. ACIs results, classroom strength of ~275,000 students and revenue base of Rs. 2500 crore+ is a testament to its 30-year legacy of delivering outstanding customer value propositions.

The institute has its own academic and administrative system which covers classroom sessions by experienced faculty, doubt removal counters, study material, periodic test & result, periodic
test awards, personal consultation programme, open session, medical consultation, feedback
system,expert counseling, communicative support and departmental workshop.

About Bodhi Tree Systems (Bodhi Tree)

Bodhi Tree is an investment platform founded by Mr. Uday Shankar and Lupa Systems (Mr.
James private investment vehicle). Bodhi Tree will leverage its experience in building and
transforming global consumer businesses and will bring a unique operator- mindset to its
investments, a business model that was hitherto unseen in emerging markets.
Bodhi's vision is to positively impact millions of consumers across the Indian subcontinent by
leveraging technology to provide disruptive and transformational solutions in sectors with deep
consumer engagement including media, education and healthcare. Bodhi Tree will be investing
at-scale in a concentrated portfolio of platform companies to shape this vision into reality.
Mr. Uday Shankar is widely credited with transforming the media landscape while building Star
into the most prolific media network and later at Disney as its head of Asia Pacific. Mr. Shankar
also incubated Hotstar and created the largest and most successful streaming service, which was
rebranded as Disney+Hotstar.

Uday’s operating team at Star has gone on to lead several global tech businesses in India.
● Mr. Sanjay Gupta (Country Manager, Google India)
● Mr. Ajit Mohan (VP & Managing Director,Facebook India)
● Mr. Varun Narang (CPO, Fox)
● Ms. Ipsita Dasgupta (Country Manager, Apple Services)
● Monica Shergil (VP Content, Netflix India) among many others.

Bodhi Vision for Education

Education has a special place in the psyche of Indian consumers, who pay in excess of US$100
billion each year to provide the best possible education facilities to their wards. The combination
of transformational socio-economic impact, limited avenues for good quality education, and
growing aspirations will continue to drive demand and propensity to pay for a long period of time.
In Bodhi's view, traditional supplementary education companies have a very strong consumer
proposition in terms of outcomes but are limited by their geographic presence and the classroom
journey is data dark and non-personalized. The digital education companies have predominantly
solved for access but have had limited success in delivering deep engagement, comprehension
and outcomes. Bodhi vision is to take the best of both, the traditional classrooms and the digital
technologies, and create an education platform which takes the application of technology much
deeper into the student journey than current market offerings. Bodhi Tree team believes that
technology can be used to deepen consumer engagement and comprehension, personalize the
learning experience, and close the full learning loop, thereby delivering learning outcomes at

Partnership between Bodhi Tree and ACI

Bodhi Tree team believes that its track record, deeply outcome centric brand, a pan India center
network and a large existing student base of 275,000+ students provides the right ingredients to
build its education platform. Bodhi Tree believes the strong core of ACI can serve the same role
as Star did in the creation of Hotstar.
Consequently, the ACI Founders and Bodhi Tree have agreed to enter into a strategic partnership
to build ACI into the largest consumer education technology company that can dramatically
improve learning outcomes at scale. The Partners have also agreed that, given its track record,
Bodhi Tree will have full control over the digital business agenda for ACI.
ACI will use Engineering and Medical Test Prep as a beachhead segment and expand into earlier
grades (G6-12) and non-science subjects, with a vision to cater to 10Mn+ students by 2028.

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